Magento Development
Magento is used for the development and deployment of online stores, and in recent years has become the leading e-commerce platform. With features supporting ease of use to end users and managers alike it has become an integral part of companies’ online selling strategy. It’s an object-oriented platform written in PHP.

With our experience on the Magento platform we provide the following services
-Custom Module Development
-Magento Integration with third party software
-Speed Optimization
-High Speed Data Import and Export
-Configuration and optimization of servers
-Magento Installation and upgrade services
-Responsive Theme Development using bootstrap3

Appcelerator Titanium
We are experts in mobile application development, for both of the world’s most popular operating systems iOS and Android. Running Appcelerator Titanium as our development platform we are able to create native apps for iOS, Android, Tizen, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Django Development
Django is an open source, rapid application development framework written in Python, used to simplify the process of creating data driven websites. It can be scaled to manage high volumes of data traffic without a hitch. Development in Django helps create high performing web applications quickly. 
We offer custom application development work in Django framework using AngularJS, jQuery or Bootstrap3. We also provide installation/configuration of Ubuntu with Apache2 (mod_wsgi ) or Nginx (fast_cgwi, uWSGI) for Django App.

Custom bot/Spider on Scrapy
Scrapy is an application framework used to create applications that can gather images and data of websites, for the purposes of data mining, research or automated testing. A spider developed and deployed using the Scrapy framework can scrape hundreds to millions of pieces of data.
Our services include custom spider development with the capability of scraping data from websites that require CAPTCHA and/or login verification. We have techniques to overcome throttle limit, IP block, cookies, capturing JSON/XML data. 
We also provide data scraping services.

Frontend Development (PSD to HTML/CSS)
Bootstrap 3 is the next generation web development tools. It is sleek, intuitive and powerful and makes it easy to create web pages that carry over beautifully on a variety of mobile devices. 
Our services on this platform include theme development service using Bootstratp3 for Magento, Wordpress or any other custom design.We offer choice on JavaScript library between jQuery and AngularJS.