The themes of Magento can be change from admin panel, for this user should login as administrator. In this post, we'll talk about changing theme. Before reading this blog, please read our previous blog General Concept about Package and Themes 

First upload all the new themes package in server, we have to upload atleast 2 folders. 

  • One inside app/ design folder
  • Another on skin/frontend folder

To activate this recently uploaded themes:

  1. Login to magento admin panel
  2. Goto System -> Configuration -> Design and click in themes header to expand the section, 
  3. There you will see 5 fields: Translations, Templates, Skin (Images / CSS), Layout, Default
  4. You have to enter package name in Current Package Field (1) and Theme in Default field (2). Look image below:

Your theme location

Magento Admin Configuration page

Just in case you want to use templates, skin, layout from different themes, you can specify theme here. We have used mytheme in default field becuase it's fall back. If there is no theme defined in Default, magento will look default folder inside package directory to use it as default. In our next post, we'll talk about Magento Theme Hierarchy and Fall Back Condition.