About Us/Our Story

We are a group of dedicated technology professionals with a combined experience of one and a half decades between us. We first got together to work on ontreat.com- a site that is a restaurant booking and treating service. After the successful launch and sustained success of ontreat.com, we have realized an excess engineering capacity that has remained idle. Our knowledge encompasses 360 degrees of product development-from the development and deployment to the marketing of the technology we have helped create.

This venture of ours has spun free of Ontreat.com and become a separate business unit, which takes the knowledge and skills harnessed while building Ontreat.com, to help us understand our clients’ needs, situations and problems better-thus enabling us to provide more comprehensive technology solutions.

We also believe in social responsibility, and thus have been volunteering five hours weekly per team member on community sites like stackoverflow, as well as maintaining a blog, contributing time to charities we believe in and helping out fellow developers.

We love the technology we use and are well versed in every one of those disciplines. They include but are not limited to:
1. Magento Development - custom modules, custom theme, site speed, high-speed data migration and integration CRM/ERP software etc.
2. Titanium Appcelerator - Building cross-platform native mobile applications
3. Django, Python framework – Developing custom web application
4. Scrapy Framework - Website and screen scraping crawlers/spiders.
5. PSD to HTML/CSS - Responsive designing using Boostrap3.
6. Wordpress Theme Development.

The Team
The core of our team is comprised of technology specialists each with years of hands on experience with the disciplines and technology they are best suited for Click Here And View More .